Whiplash Heals Quickly With Chiropractic Care

Whiplash Heals Quickly With

Chiropractic Care

Unfortunately, car accidents can’t always be prevented. Even if you take every precaution known to man, including wearing your seatbelt you can’t control other drivers. The sudden jerking motion from an unexpected crash can result in what’s known as whiplash. Left untreated, whiplash can be very painful and lead to more damage in the long run. A visit to your doctor should be number one, followed closely by getting chiropractic care. Chiropractors are specially trained to deal with trauma after car accidents and whiplash.

Whiplash: What is it?

For those lucky enough to never have experienced it, whiplash is a serious issue. It was so named because your head and neck get “whipped” forward and back because of an impact. Actually, it is one of the most common injuries people get after a car accident. Some other symptoms associated with whiplash are headaches, dizziness, neck stiffness and much more. Chiropractic care including spinal manipulation and regular stretching can help heal your spine. Even if you feel like you haven’t sustained any injuries, sometimes they don’t present themselves until days or even weeks later. For this reason, you should schedule an appointment after any auto accident.

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Whiplash: Getting Diagnosed

First, many people don’t realize that whiplash can affect more than just your neck. Even if that is where your pain is localized, a chiropractor will need to evaluate your whole spine. Your initial appointment will most likely include a series of x-rays, as well as examining your posture and how you walk. Once all the information is gathered the chiropractor will be able to tell if you have whiplash. Some of the conditions include restricted motion in the joints, muscle spasms, disc injury, and ligament injury. Next, your chiropractor will go over their recommended course of treatment.

Whiplash: Forms of Treatment

Pain medication is good for relief from symptoms, but they are not a good long term option. Plus, over time you could risk damage to your liver if they are taken too much. The only way to successfully rid yourself of pain after an auto accident is by healing your body organically. There are over 200 bones in your body, and even the smallest impact can cause them to misalign. Chiropractic adjustments effectively relieve pressure on muscles and nerves. Also, once the spine is realigned the healing will begin. Your recovery will be much quicker than if you waited until symptoms appear.