Is Your Wardrobe Killing Your Back?

Wardrobe Tips

How your wardrobe can improve your back

We’ve all heard the saying, beauty is pain. But sometimes, back pain caused by clothing may make you wish that comfy was the new black. Unlike some causes of back pain, it is not always obvious that clothes could be the culprit. Or if you already suffer from neck or back pain, some clothing could make it much worse. We’re here to tell you which clothing items you should steer clear from in this week’s blog. Just like anything in life, moderation is key. Don’t feel like you have to stop wearing cute shoes for the rest of your life!


Not all shoes are bad for your back, but there are certainly a lot. It’s kind of a no-brainer at this point that shoes without proper arch support aren’t doing your feet any favors. So it should come as no surprise that high heels could definitely increase your back pain if you wear them every day. The reason is that high-heeled shoes disturb your body’s muscle coordination patterns. Over time, that could lead to a musculoskeletal injury.

On the other hand, wearing flats or flip-flops on the daily isn’t great for your spine, either. As a matter of fact, flat-soled shoes can actually alter your gait. Since flip-flops are “barely there” footwear, your feet work hard to keep them on. The issues will start in your feet and gradually work their way up your body, eventually reaching your back.


Tight Pants

You wouldn’t think that skinny jeans or pencil skirts could cause back pain, but they do. Yes, it’s true folks. The staple of everyone’s closet could be the reason so many people suffer from back pain. The reason for that is because tight clothing makes it hard to move naturally. By wearing tight pants or skirts all the time, you could actually alter your gait.

Not to mention you could ruin your posture which also causes back pain. Plus, tight clothing could impede your ability to bend at the knees. The result is the potential for a pulled muscle or disc problem.

Halter Tops

Halter tops could be a huge cause of neck pain, especially if you’re a woman who is well endowed. This kind of shirt is held up by a strap around the neck and can be very painful over time.

necklace and back


Similarly, heavy necklaces will lead to neck strain and posture issues over time. If you’re a fan of big, heavy necklaces, be prepared for permanent neck damage. Something as simple as a necktie may also be a back pain culprit. If tied too tightly, the range of motion in your neck will be severely decreased.


Lastly, a bra that isn’t properly fitted can make your back hurt. Make sure you get fitted by a professional to prevent injury. In addition, wear bras with thicker straps when you have the option because they will spread the pressure evenly between shoulders.