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We offer comprehensive chiropractic services as well as personalized wellness coaching. Anchor Chiropractic will travel to you at whatever location is most convenient; home, work, etc. Rates are affordable and insurance is accepted.

Whether you are looking for wellness for yourself and your family or the employees of your workplace, there are many options!



Workplace Care

Our wellness programs are designed to lower healthcare costs and improve the health of your employees.

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Individual Care

Anchor Chiro proudly offers comprehensive chiropractic services, as well as personalized wellness coaching.

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Chiropractic care is very well known for it’s ability to provide relief care and is often referred to as miraculous in it’s ability to provide relief where all other forms of health care have failed. Although many chiropractors specialize in and are extremely successful with providing relief care, this was never the intended purpose for Chiropractic. Chiropractic from it’s inception over 110 years ago was designed to be a Principled form of health care.

The goal or objective of Chiropractic is to identify the underlying cause of a persons health challenge and to correct it. A condition of the spine known as Vertebral Subluxation interferes with the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Wellness Chiropractors locate Vertebral Subluxations by thoroughly analyzing all of its components, design a specific program of adjustments and exercises to correct Vertebral Subluxations, and most importantly to help you and your family learn how to achieve and maintain the best possible health.