Step Into The Right Shoes To Ease Back Pain

Step into the right shoes to ease back pain

If you suffer from back pain, just put your feet up. Now that your feet are resting comfortably, take a good look at your shoes. Are they worn down? Do they have the right support? Your feet carry you through every day, so it’s important to give them the proper covering. Shoes can help relieve your back pain or make it worse, depending on what style you’re wearing. Here’s what to look for in a good pair of shoes and why it matters.

Wear shoes

As important as getting the right pair of shoes is, keep in mind that you have to wear them. While it’s easy to remember in the winter, the same rules apply during the hot summer months when your sandals are more temping. If you suffer from back pain shoes will help absorb the shock of your foot hitting the ground. Without good foot care, the muscles in your lower back will tighten and ache. Your feet have a bunch of tiny bones and they carry the weight of the rest of your body. It’s important to take good care of them with proper footwear.

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Shoe angle

The best shoe to relieve back pain will depend on each person and each shoe. What works for your workout buddy might not ease your pain. There are two important aspects of shoes to consider before you purchase a new pair: the angle and the support. The angle of the shoe can throw off the rest of your body’s alignment, and not just for women in heels. Think about dress shoes or even tennis shoes. Many of these shoes include some kind of elevated heel. When your foot is at a slight angle, it can put more strain on your spine. This is especially true for people who stand for hours at a time.

Shoe support

Before purchasing a new pair of shoes, evaluate your feet. Do you have flat feet that over pronate? Maybe you have exceptionally high arches. Look at if your toes point inward or outwards. These questions will help you determine the level of support that will be necessary for your optimal comfort. As a general rule, if you over-pronate, which means your arches roll too far inward, you’ll want to have shoes with great arch support. If you have high arches, you’ll likely need shoes that have additional cushioning.

Be mindful of how your body moves. If you’re walking, standing or running the wrong way it can lead to more issues over time.

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Shoes for every occasion

Wear the right shoes for the right occasion. We’re not talking about fashion here. While it is important to match your shoe color to your belt color, when it comes to back pain that doesn’t make a difference. You will notice, however, that not all shoes are created equal. For example, if you’re running, wear running shoes. These tennis shoes are especially designed to offer additional cushion and support when your out on a long run. However, these shoes might increase your back pain if you’re using them for walking, lifting, or standing for hours at a time.

Whether you suffer from back pain or not, it’s important to wear the right shoes. For the best fit, visit a shoe specialist to have them evaluate your feet. You don’t necessarily have to give up your cute high heels, but consider bringing a second pair of shoes to wear when you walk to your car. These little changes can help relieve your back pain. It’s important to remember that if you suffer from chronic back pain, visit a chiropractic specialist to help keep you moving.