Focus on Performance, Not Back Pain

Focus on Performance,

Not Back Pain

Athletes are careful to protect their bodies from injury so that they can compete at their best, but how do you reach your peak performance if your sport itself is causing you back pain? Here are some of the worst sports for your spine and some tips to relieve the pain.


Whether or not you call yourself a runner, athletes of every sport incorporate running into their training routines. Runners know all about discomfort in their feet, knees, and hips, but what about their backs? As with any high-impact, repetitive activity, running can cause back pain. Each time your foot strikes the ground, that energy jolts into your spine. Strengthening your core, back and leg muscles help prevent injury. Make sure to invest in good running shoes, which can keep you running healthy. If running is causing you back pain, take a break. Get your cardio from other low-impact activities like swimming.

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Tennis is a fun workout that includes plenty of cardio. When it comes to back pain, however, tennis is a double fault. All of the lunging, twisting and reaching for tennis balls can increase your risk of injury to your spine. Tennis can also worsen your pain if you have herniated or bulging disks. Wearing the proper shoes and practicing good form can help you avoid discomfort and keep you at the top of your game.


Football is a sport that celebrates contact. All the tackles and takedowns can take a toll on your spine. Players are protected from the hard-hitting tackles with pads, but that’s not always enough to prevent back injuries. One example of this is with stingers. Stingers are commonly reported among football players. This injury lives up to the name, causing painful electrical sensations because of nerve damage to the neck or shoulder.


Rebounder trampolines are the smaller versions of trampolines that hide in your basement or bedroom. Exercises on these trampolines are typically limited to gentle bounces where your feet don’t leave the trampoline or full bounces where your feet jump several inches off the surface. This type of activity is beneficial for your skeletal system, including your spine. Compared to running, rebounding is less stressful on your joints.

While rebound trampolines can effectively improve your fitness and improve bone density, larger backyard trampolines can wreck your spine. Elaborate flips and tricks put additional strain on the muscles, bones, and ligaments in your back. This regularly causes back pain for frequent jumpers.

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Gymnasts often practice on trampolines with these same twisting motions. In addition to the flips and rolls, gymnasts fling their body with high speed and force. Even though they land on padding, this impact can cause back pain. It takes hours, days, weeks and years to master gymnastics. The regular stress on your spine can lead to serious discomfort and painful back problems.

Regular chiropractic care helps relieve your back pain no matter what sport you play. Spinal adjustments keep you at the top of your game so you can focus on your performance instead of your pain. It’s important to prioritize your back health in all your athletic activities. You can’t carry the team on your back if it’s causing you pain.