3 Simple Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

You already know that eating healthy and exercising regularly are key ingredients to living a happy and wholesome life. But, like most things, living a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. It’s hard to know where to start, and especially hard to keep up with your routine when life is constantly throwing curveballs your way. To help you out, this article will give you three easy and actionable things you can implement in your daily life that are simple to do and will truly make a positive impact.

1. Stretch everyday

In addition to relaxing your muscles and getting you ready for the new day ahead, stretching in the morning for 5 to 10 minutes gives you just a tiny bit of ‘me time’ to collect yourself and prepare, mentally and physically, for whatever lies in front of you.

Likewise, stretching in the evening can help relax you after a long day and lead to better sleep. Other benefits you’ll notice include:

Regular stretching reduces your risk of injury. By staying limber, you’re less likely to over-strain your muscles or hurt yourself when going about your day-to-day activities.

Regular stretching can reduce your risk of falling. If you do some specific stretches (i.e., stand-up yoga poses), you can improve your balance and flexibility at the same time, reducing your risk of falling or generally being clumsy.

2. Focus on the little things

If you’re like most people, your diet could probably use some improvement. But before you go changing anything, keep in mind that falling into a ‘yo-yo dieting’ fad will likely lead you to an even worse state of health. Pop-up diets typically lead to people under-eating, eating all the wrong things, or generally just messing up their metabolism and digestive pattern.

Rather than taking drastic measures, focus on making a few small changes at a time. Each month, you (and any loved ones you live with) should sit down and think carefully about what you eat. Commit yourself to a few simple but impactful promises each month—like cooking more meals at home or drinking more water. These little things will soon become habits, and you will surely notice the difference as you gradually make more changes.

3. Spend 15 minutes exercising

There’s really no excuse to not be working out with all the options you have today. There’s no need to join a costly gym or even leave the house, thanks to all the free workout programs that countless fitness coaches offer online.

Many studies have demonstrated time and time again that staying active is important for bone, joint, and heart health, no matter how slim you are. If you don’t already participate in regular exercise, starting with 15 minutes a day can do wonders for your physical health, sleeping patterns, energy level, and overall happiness. You should practice both strength training and cardio for the best results.


Hopefully, you’ll commit to implementing at least one of these things so you can start living a healthier day-to-day life. While it may be tough to get started, once these things become part of your daily habits, you’ll start reaping the benefits in no time and you’ll never look back.