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Dr. Erica Barela

Dr. Erica Barela was raised in small town 30 minutes south of Lincoln, but has called the Nebraska capital home since 2004. She was heavily involved in sports growing up, and was a three-sport athlete during her time as a student at Lincoln High School. Dr. Erica was always the “sick kid” growing up. The first three years of her life, Dr. Erica struggled with ear, nose and throat issues and was an unhappy and irritable child. She struggled with these health issues for most of her childhood and teen years, undergoing ear, nose and throat surgeries from as early as the age of three. As an athlete, she also experienced several injuries, the worst being a back injury in high school that left her with numbing pain down her legs. The pain and numbness or tingling would come and go, but the problem was never fixed.

As a freshman in college, Dr. Erica started receiving consistent chiropractic adjustments, and she started to notice changes: Her back didn’t hurt and the severity of her menstrual cramps was minimized. She saw a drastic reduction in the large number of sinus, ear, and strep throat infections she had become accustomed to experiencing each winter. After undergoing consistent chiropractic care, she may now experience only 2-3 sinus infections a year. Consistent chiropractic care has made a massive and positive impact on Dr. Erica’s health and wellbeing.

She attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a nutrition and dietetics major, with the goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist. As she learned more about the human body and found her own successes within the chiropractic discipline, her interest in chiropractic grew and she decided to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She soon enrolled at Life University, and as she pursued her degree both her health and her passion for serving people through chiropractic care flourished. After graduation in 2013, Dr. Erica practiced in Grand Rapids, MI for a year and a half before coming home to Lincoln. Dr. Erica has practiced in Lincoln, NE since August of 2015 and has been the sole owner/operator of Anchor Chiropractic since May of 2016. Dr. Erica resides in Plymouth, NE with her husband Aaron and their three dogs. 

Dr. Erica has a passion for wellness and healthy living, as well as for helping and serving people. “There’s nothing better than hearing about various successes that a patient is having, whether their pain is gone or they are sleeping better, they haven’t had any headaches in weeks, or their struggle with infertility has resulted in a healthy pregnancy. Everyone is different; everyone has different breakthroughs and successes. It’s all because their body is able to adapt and function better. This is the power of chiropractic—this is why I love what I do.”