How Arch Supports Help Your Back

Arch supports are needed by many, and they actually can make a huge difference in your health and overall posture. If you suffer from back and foot pain, an arch support may be just way you need to get past it. However, not all arch supports are created equal.

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Out Of The Box Foam Supports

Foam supports tend to get worn out pretty quickly and don’t always offer great support out-of-the-box anyways. If you’re looking for a high-quality yet still affordable arch support, you should look for gel insoles. They tend to have a longer life and offer more stable support that doesn’t wear out as quickly as foam supports.

Of course, you’ll get the best results if you go for a custom fitted insert.

You can use a product like Dr. Scholl’s foot mapper (available at most stores) to see a pressure map of your feet and have a suggested fit recommended for you from the list of products available on the shelves, but this is only one step up from generic supports.

However, if it’s a possibility, you should definitely get your feet mapped like this (for free) and see if the suggested supports work for you. These supports are made in a variety of sizes to fit the most common foot types.

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Custom Made Supports

If you’ve got the budget, talking with a local store who can fit you with custom-made supports will give you the best results. Although custom supports will provide the best fit and the most positive effects in the long run, keep in mind that they too will inevitably wear out with time.

Many people stack arch supports for added support and end up buying multiple products to try and make their own “custom fitted” arch support. This often leads to people over crowding their shoes and can lead to other problems, like poor circulation and bad posture because of the height of the soles of all the supports being put together in an attempt to provide the right arch support.

With this in mind, and the fact that lower-quality products will wear out rather quickly (meaning you will need to buy more soon enough), not to mention the amount of pain relief you’ll have, it’s worth it to invest in custom-fitted arch supports for your feet.

Why Use Arch Supports?

If you’ve suffered the pain of fallen arches, you know that it will be worth it to get good arch support.

Foot problems almost always lead to back pain, which leads to pain all over and sometimes all the time. Arch supports are certainly worth the price when you consider the amount of relief you will feel being able to get back out there and be active again without foot or back pain troubling you.